Bible Study: Service of the Sacrament - Post Communion

The Service of the Sacrament

The Post Communion

1. The Nunc Dimittis

a. What does this mean? Where is it from?

i. Now depart

ii. Luke 2, the song of Simeon

1. Simeon acknowledges that salvation is from God

2. Manifested in the flesh Jesus and given to us by His very hand

b. What is its significance at this point in the service?

i. It is reminiscent of the first Holy Communion, “When they had sung a hymn they went out into the Mount of Olives.” (Matt. 26:30)

ii. “That for which the believer has come into the Sanctuary has been received in all its fullness, and he now feels himself at peace with God and declares his readiness to depart.” (Conduct, 65)

iii. It connects the Incarnation to the Holy Communion- the same flesh and blood born of Mary is given for us now.

c. Where else is this hymn sung?

i. Services at the close of the day – Compline, Prayer at the Close of the Day

ii. Funerals

d. What connection does this make?

i. We can be dismissed by the Lord, whether from this day, this earthly life or this Divine Service, in the peace of eternal life in the flesh and blood of Christ

2. The Prayer of Thanksgiving

a. How is the prayer introduced?

i. By a versicle and response (found is Psalms 105, 106, etc.)

ii. This bids us unite our hearts in prayer, for God has promised to hear us and have mercy upon us

b. Why do we offer now a prayer? And what do we pray for?

i. In the same way that we give thanks before and after meals (we often leave out the after part, but it wasn’t always this wa