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Bible Study: The Genesis of Jesus

1) John The Baptist

a) What is John’s “job?”

i) What is the “Way of the Lord?”

(1) What has Christ come to do?

(2) How are we prepared for that?

ii) What does he do to fulfill it?

(1) What is the content of that preaching?

(2) What is repentance?

b) What does John do for those who repent?

i) Why does he baptize?

ii) What were the people doing?

(1) How do these two things (confessing sins and baptism) connect?

c) What was the problem with the Pharisees and Sadducees?

i) Who did they trust for their salvation?

ii) Who are the children of Abraham?

(1) What will happen to those who aren’t true children of Abraham?

(2) How is the coming of a savior a condemnation of them?

2) The Baptism of Jesus

a) What is John’s initial reaction to Jesus’ request?

i) Why does he feel this way?

ii) Is he right?

b) Why has Jesus come to be baptized?

i) What is “all righteousness?”

ii) How is it fulfilled?

iii) Who is it fulfilled for?

c) What does Jesus take upon himself in his baptism?

i) Where will this ultimately lead him?

ii) What, finally, do we receive from him?

(1) How does this connect to what the Father says about the Son?

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