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Bible Study: Sermon on the Mount

1) The Sermon on the Mount

a) What is the context of this extended time of teaching?

i) Who is he preaching to?

ii) What is encouraging them to do?

iii) Why does any of this matter?

(1) What comes first: Faith or good works?

(2) Can you have one without the other?

(3) What about prosperity and the love of the world? How do those fit in with faith?

(4) What is Jesus preparing his disciples for?

b) Christ’s relationship to the law and prophets (OT)

i) He hasn’t come to abolish but to . . . ?

(1) What does this mean?

(2) How does this compare to what the scribes and Pharisees were up to?

(a) What’s the chief difference between them and Jesus?

(b) How is this borne out for all to see?

ii) Does Jesus, then, give new laws to follow?

(1) If not, then what does he do?

(a) Does he make them easier to follow?

(b) No. In fact he makes them harder.

(i) You have to be more righteous than those thought to be the most righteous

(ii) It’s clear that it’s not just about external piety (showing off your righteousness)

(iii)The life of faith is about repentance and a sincere desire to stop sinning

(2) How does this connect to giving and praying in secret?

(a) Why do we care for others?

(b) Why do we pray?

(c) Is Jesus saying, “never let anyone see you pray or give to the needy?”

(d) If not, then what?

2) The Lord’s Prayer (still part of The Sermon on the Mount)

a) How do the Gentiles pray?

i) What’s wrong with this?

ii) Do they understand why their praying?

b) What is the overall theme of the Lord’s Prayer?

i) Are we praying for individual things?

ii) What is our prayer giving voice to?

3) Treasures and Anxiety

a) What is the problem with wealth?

i) What does it become?

ii) How long does it last?

b) Instead of worrying about wealth and the things of this world what does Jesus instruct?

i) Have faith!

ii) Why?

(1) The Father desires to give you all things

(2) And in Christ, already has

c) Does this mean we don’t work or plan?

i) Of course not.

ii) But we do all things in faith that God will provide.

Closing Prayer: Luther’s Morning Prayer, pg. 327

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