Bible Study: The Sign of Jonah

Opening Hymn: LSB 607

Psalm 50:7-23

Creed (Back Cover)

Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

1) Blasphemy

a) What does Jesus use to refute the claims of the Pharisees?

i) Why is this problematic for the Pharisees? (V. 27-28)

(1) How does this explain why they work so hard to get rid of Jesus?

(2) How does v. 30, sum up the whole argument?

ii) Are the Pharisees committing a “sin of misunderstanding?”

(1) Then what does Jesus say they’re doing?

(2) How had they blasphemed the Holy Spirit?

b) How does this all come full-circle at the crucifixion?

i) What kind of fruit do the Pharisees ultimately bear?

(1) Where does this evil come from?

(2) Should we be surprised that they speak evil?

ii) Explain v. 36-37

2) The Sign of Jonah

a) Why were they seeking a sign?

i) What sign will they get?

(1) Will they believe it, even when they see it?

(2) What’s ultimately different about Ninevah and Jerusalem?

ii) How are they condemned by the “Queen of the South?”

(1) How is Jesus greater that Solomon?

b) What is Satan always trying to do?