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Bible Study: Matters of the Heart

Opening Hymn: LSB 758 The Will of God Is Always best

Psalm 30

Creed (Back Cover)

Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

1) Traditions and Commandments

a) What issue do the Pharisees and scribes find with Jesus?

i) Is this a tradition or a commandment?

ii) What’s the difference?

b) What issue does Jesus find with the Pharisees and scribes?

i) It appears as though they’re righteous, but what’s really going on?

ii) How does Jesus sum it up?

c) What relationship do the Jews have to food?

i) What was the point of the ceremonial laws concerning food?

ii) Do the Pharisees still understand this?

(1) How then does Jesus correct them?

(2) What comes out of the mouth has what as it’s source?

2) True Faith found in a Gentile

a) What does this woman want?

i) What’s the problem Jesus points to?

ii) Is He lying?

b) How does she persist?

i) Does Jesus know that she has faith all along?

ii) Why then does He treat her this way?

c) What’s so great about her faith?

3) Jesus Feeds Thousands (Again)

a) Have we heard this before?

i) Why then do the disciples react the way they do?

ii) What does Jesus show, once again, about His care for the people?

b) How do we this same thing played out in our lives?

i) Are fed miraculously?

ii) If not, how?

Closing Prayer: Luther’s Morning Prayer, pg. 327

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