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Bible Study: Mountain-Moving Faith

Opening Hymn: LSB 655 Lord, Keep Us Steadfast In Your Word

Psalm 8

Creed (Back Cover)

Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

1) The Power of Faith and Unbelief

a) What does the man ask Jesus for?

i) Is this his first time seeking the Lord’s help?

ii) What prevented his son from being healed the first time?

b) What is the context to Jesus telling the disciples they could move mountains if they faith?

i) How does this apply to us?

ii) What is the key to our faith?

2) The Temple Tax

a) What is this tax for?

i) Why are, “the sons free?”

ii) What does this have to do with Jesus?

b) Why does He pay the tax anyway?

i) How does the way He pays the tax tell us the real story?

3) The Greatest

a) What is likely behind the disciples’ question?

i) How is this the total opposite of faith?

ii) How is that demonstrated by children?

Closing Prayer: Luther’s Morning Prayer, pg. 327

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