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Bible Study: Romans 5:1-11

The Book of Romans


11 March 2018

READ 5:1-5

  • What does it mean to have peace with God?

  • Before salvation what were we fighting against?

  • But now, in what do we stand?

  • Why do we have hope in the glory of God?

  • What will is mean that His glory will be ours?

  • What else does Paul say we rejoice in? Why?

  • How does this help explain the life of the Christian?

  • What is our hope in? How are we so confident?

READ 5:6-11

  • When did Christ die for us?

  • Why does this give us hope?

  • What does it tell us about God and His love?

  • Now that we’re no longer enemies of God, in what do we hope?

  • Does this mean we don’t suffer for our sins?

  • What are we looking forward to?

  • What is reconciliation?

  • What does it tell us about God and His relationship to man from the beginning?

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