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Bible Class: Romans 6:12-23

The Book of Romans


8 April 2018

READ 6:12-14

  • What does Paul mean when he says, “Mortal body?”

  • Are the members of the mortal body only outward?

  • What are the only two options when it comes to whom a person will follow?

  • Is there really any option for the Christian?

READ 6:15-18

  • Does grace lead to sin? Why or why not?

  • Is it good to be slave to righteousness?

  • What does Paul mean by this?

  • Where does obedience come from? What is the Christian obedient too?

READ 6:19-23

  • What does lawlessness always lead to? How do we see that in our own lives?

  • What does righteousness lead to?

  • Finally, what is the end of sin?

  • What is the end of sanctification?

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