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Bible Study: Romans 9:19-33

The Book of Romans


8 July 2018

READ 9:19-21

  • If God’s will is always done, then what becomes of man and his will?

  • Does man have any right to question God and His will?

  • Why not? What do we know about His will for us and all people?

READ 9:22-24

  • Is there any injustice to be found in God? Is anyone punished for sins they didn’t commit?

  • Why is anyone saved? Condemned?

  • For whom is salvation and God’s gracious will?

READ 9:25-29

  • Is every Jew saved? Every Gentile?

  • Who then preserved His people?

  • What is Paul’s overarching point about God and how He acts toward His creation?

READ 9:30-33

  • What sets apart the righteous and unrighteous? Works? Goals?

  • Who is the stumbling block?

  • Who does He trip up? Why?

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