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Bible Study: Daniel 7

The Book of Daniel

Chapter 7

16 December 2018

READ 7:1-8

  • Who has the vision this time? Why is this significant?

  • How many beasts are there and where do they come from?

  • What is consistent about the four beasts? What is different?

  • What should this vision remind us of from earlier in the book?

READ 7:9-14

  • Who is the “Ancient of Days?” How is His appearance described?

  • What does He sit on the throne to do?

  • What happens to the beasts?

  • Who is the Son of Man and where does He come from?

  • What kind of power does he have?

READ 7:15-22

  • What is the short explanation of the beasts and what they will do?

  • How long will the saints of the Most High possess the kingdom?

  • What happens when saints fight the fourth beast?

  • Does this last forever?

READ 7:23-28

  • How is the fourth beast disposed towed the saints of God?

  • How long will this beast have victory over the saints of God?

  • However, what is the end result?

  • Why was Daniel so disturbed by this vision?

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