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Open Position:  Lead Preschool Teacher

Status: Part-time, Salary

Accountable to: The Preschool Director

Starting Salary: $16,000

Philosophy: Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool is a Christian preschool

committed to…

(I) sharing Christ’s love in word and deed with students and their families and…

(II) joyfully preparing children for a lifetime of learning and service to their neighbor.

Position Summary:

Lead the day-to-day operations of the classroom through activities that promote the social, physical, emotional,

cognitive, and spiritual development of each child enrolled in the preschool.

Qualifications:  State of Wisconsin

● Must be at least 18 years of age

● Must have completed high school or its equivalent

● Must pass a criminal background check

● Must have at least 240 hours experience as an assistant child care teacher in a group child care center or other approved early childhood setting

● Must satisfy state requirements per WI statute DCF 251.05(3)(f)3

● Maintain first aid certification, CPR certification, and AED training for infants through adult

Good Shepherd

● Must be willing to work as a member of a team

● Must have effective and strong communication skills

● Must be self-directed with an ability to lead others

● Must be willing to work flexible hours in order to meet the needs of the program

● Must be able to lift 50 pounds

● Must be able to walk, squat/kneel, sit on floor, see, hear, and speak with children ensuring their health and safety


Good Shepherd Preschool is an extension of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, a church affiliated with the

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. As such, the preschool teacher will…

● Lead a lifestyle consistent with the stated beliefs and teachings of GSLC

● Ensure that the classroom operates within the larger mission of GSLC

● Ensure that Bible stories and Christian songs and prayers are central to programming and curriculum

● Regularly collaborate with the pastor and School Board of GSLC

● Help to promote good relations between church and preschool

● Help to maintain GSLC’s overall image in the community

● Facilitate Christian outreach to preschool families

● Preferred: regularly attend worship services at a Christian church

Responsibilities and Duties:


● Develop a positive relationship with each child and their family

● Follow the prescribed preschool curriculum

● Prepare lesson plans and classroom environment

● Complete and deliver progress reports for students

● Conduct parent conferences

● Collaborate with preschool staff members

● Schedule and coordinate field trips and other special events in conjunction with director

● Protect and observe for abuse; report any concerns to DCF


● Follow Good Shepherd performance standards, policies, and procedures in the employee handbook

● Maintain school records and report as required

● Attend school board meetings as requested

● Submit requests for needed supplies to director

Community/Continuing Education

● Serve on appropriate community organizations and LCMS committees

● Participate in appropriate community functions to promote Good Shepherd preschool

● Attend training opportunities as provided by Good Shepherd

Interested applicants can email their resume to

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