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Bible Study: Divine Service Psalmody

Opening Hymn: LSB 402:1 The Only Son from Heaven Psalm 95:1-9 Creed (Back Cover) Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

The Service of the Word The Psalmody

1) Propers and Ordinary a) Ordinary remains the same every week

i) Examples?

ii) Does it ever change b) Propers change every week

i) Examples?

ii) Where do we find the propers (how do I know what to say?) 2) Three options to begin the Service of the Word

  1. a) Introit

  2. i) From Latin introitus meaning beginning or entrance

  3. ii) Why is it here?

(1) Read Psalm 100

(2) What are “His gates”, “Courts”?

iii) Three parts of the Introit

(1) Antiphon (a) Meaning “voice answering voice (b) Refers to the responsive singing of verses (c) Announces the thought of the day

(2) Psalm verse(s) (a) Celebrates the Gospel announced in the Antiphon (b) Reminds of the custom of reading entire psalms at the beginning of service

(3) Gloria (a) The reference to the triune God helps properly focus the Psalms to Christ, and

his service

  1. b) Psalm

i) The appointed psalm of the day my be chanted or spoken in full here, rather than the introit

c) Entrance Hymn i) If the confession and absolution or other opening versicles happen at the entrance to

the sanctuary an entrance or processional hymn may be sung as all process to their places.

d) TheKyrie

  1. i) What does it mean?

(1) Lord, have mercy.

  1. ii) Why here?

(1) We call upon God for the grace announced in the Introit

iii) Why three times?

(1) God is Triune e) The Gloria in Excelsis

i) Who sang the opening words first? (1) The Angels announcing the birth of Christ in Luke 2:14

ii) Howmightweoutlinethehymn? (1) Adoration of God the Father (2) Adoration of God the Son (3) Petition to God the Son

(4) Praise to God the Son Closing Prayer: Luther’s Morning Prayer, pg. 327 *Notes taken from An Explanation of the Common Service

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