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Bible Study: Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews

Chapter 8

12 May 2019

READ 8:1-7

  • Where is this true High Priest located?

  • How is this High Priest better than those who had served on earth?

  • What is the “true tent” and who set it up?

  • Does the writer mean to say that OT Temple was useless, or worse?

READ 8:8-13

  • When was the first covenant established?

  • With whom was it established?

  • In what ways did God prove that He would keep it?

  • Did the people keep it?

  • What is this law that God will give to His people, that they don’t already have?

  • Where will God put it?

  • What will the result be?

  • Who is this greater covenant for?

  • What is the final result of this covenant?

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