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Bible Study: The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews

Chapter 9, cont.

2 June 2019

READ 9:15-22

  • How are people called by God?

  • What does He call them to?

  • How does He grant to them this extraordinary gift?

  • How does a will work, and who gets the inheritance?

  • When do heirs get the inheritance?

  • What is the point in relation to both the old and new covenants?

  • What did Moses sprinkle with blood? Why?

READ 9:23-28

  • Why didn’t the heavenly things need cleansing like the earthly copies?

  • Where does Christ go after His ascension? Why?

  • How often does He offer Himself as a sacrifice?

  • How does this change our relationship with God?

  • What happens after you die?

  • Now that Christ has died, what will He do when He returns?

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