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Bible Study: The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews

Chapter 10

9 June 2019

READ 10:1-4

  • What is the law a “shadow of?”

  • What, therefore can’t it do?

  • Does this make the law and the sacrifices offered according to it, useless?

  • What is the point of the law? What is the end of the law?

READ 10:5-10

  • If God doesn’t want sacrifices and burnt offerings, what does He desire?

  • What is God’s will?

  • Who accomplishes it?

  • What do we receive through His work? How does this relate to the law?

READ 10:11-17

  • What did Christ do after offering Himself for our sins?

  • What does this sacrifice do for us?

  • How does the text from Jeremiah 31:33 bear this out?

  • What happens to the sin and guilt offerings when there is forgiveness of sins?

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