Bible Study: The Divine Service: The Service of the Sacrament- The Preface

The Service of the Sacrament The Preface and Proper Preface

  •  How does everything that has taken place so far in the service compare to what will come?

  •  I mentioned last week that ancient church had a practice relating to the unbaptized in their midst. How did that confess what they believed about the Holy Communion?

  •  What is the congregation’s posture now, and for how long will it remain?

1. The Preface

  1. What does this word mean?

  2. A foreword, or introduction

  3. Prefacing the Holy Communion

  4. What are the parts?

  5. The salutation (remember our previous discussion?)

  6. The prefatory sentences (preface and proper preface)

  7. The Sanctus

  8. The Salutation

i. What is the meaning of the Salutation at this point in the service?

  1. The mutual prayer of pastor and people

  2. Asking for devotion and attention focused on the sacrament to


d. The Prefatory Sentences

i. What are they? 1. What is their significance?

  1. “Lift up your hearts”

  2. It gives direction to our devotion

  3. We think of nothing earthly but only the physical, saving presence of God in our midst