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Bible Study: The Genesis of Jesus

1) The Genealogy

a) Who is this the genealogy of?

i) How is He described?

ii) What does this tell us about Him at first glance?

(1) What is His “lineage?”

(2) If Jesus has a genealogy, that means that he is . . . . . ?

b) Why do we do genealogies?

i) What sticks out about this genealogy?

(1) Are all of these people perfect?

(2) Are they all even Jews? (Luke starts with Adam to make the same point)

2) The Birth

a) Who does Matthew make it clear that this child is from?

i) What does Joseph think about the child?

ii) Does the angel comfort Joseph?

b) What has this child been sent to do?

i) How is that reflected in His name?

ii) What OT name is this?

3) What Does Matthew Leave out/Include

a) The Birth narrative of John the Baptist

i) The Benedictus

b) The Annunciation

c) The Visitation

d) The Manger, Inn, etc.

e) The Circumcision and Presentation of Jesus, and Purification of Mary

i) Nunc Dimittis

f) The Magi are also in Luke

4) What do we get here that we don’t in the other Gospels?

a) The Flight to Egypt

b) The Holy Innocents

c) The Return to Nazareth

5) How does the story of Genesis of Jesus compare to the creation story in Genesis?

a) The force/ key actor in all things is God through his Word

i) “God said . . . and it was so”

ii) “Joseph . . . did as the Angel commanded him”

b) Any other examples?

c) What about the idea of the birth of new life?

i) Jesus is called the “dawn from on high”, the sun of righteousness, etc.

(1) He brings life and light to all

(2) He has come to save the world

d) Therefore all prophesies concerning Christ are, of course fulfilled.

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