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Bible Study: The Authority of Jesus

The Gospel of Saint Matthew: The Authority of Jesus

Opening Hymn: LSB 539:1-3

Psalm 51:1-12

Creed (Back Cover)

Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

1) The Sermon on the Mount Continued

a) Judge Not

i) How do we normally hear this text applied?

(1) Is that what it really means?

(2) What is the true context, and what is Jesus actually instructing us to avoid?

b) Ask and it will be given

i) What does Jesus command us to do? And why?

ii) Who does he compare himself to?

c) The Golden Rule

i) What do we wish others would do?

ii) How does this relate to the narrow gate?

d) The Judgment

i) For what are we judged?

(1) What about the faithful of God?

(2) Do they really have “good fruit?”

ii) What connection between works and faith is Jesus making?

iii) How does Jesus illustration about the house make this point?

e) How does Jesus compare to the scribes?

i) What made him have this authority?

ii) Why did this astonish the crowd?

2) Jesus Heals and Finds Faith

a) What do these healing miracles demonstrate about Jesus?

i) What do they show of those he heals?

ii) How does the centurion understand this? (8:8)

b) What exactly is the cost of following Jesus?

i) Do we give up house? Family? Earthly certainty?

ii) Why?

c) What does Jesus call the disciples?

i) Is this a good or bad thing to be called?

ii) How did everything work out for the disciples?

d) What sort of man is Jesus?

i) Who obeys him?

ii) How is that demonstrated in the next text?

(1) What does Jesus say?

(2) Why do the demons listen to him?

(3) Is this still how things work today?

Closing Prayer: Luther’s Morning Prayer, pg. 327

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