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Bible Study: O We of Little Faith

1) Jesus Heals and Finds Faith

a) What do these healing miracles demonstrate about Jesus?

i) What do they show of those he heals?

ii) How does the centurion understand this? (8:8)

iii) How is Isaiah 53 fulfilled? (8:17)

b) What exactly is the cost of following Jesus?

i) Do we give up house? Family? Earthly certainty?

ii) Why?

c) When the storm comes what do the disciples do?

i) What then does Jesus call the disciples?

(1) Is this a good or bad thing to be called?

(2) How did everything work out for the disciples?

d) What sort of man is Jesus? (8:27)

i) Who/ what obeys him?

ii) Why?

iii) When will this all come to completion?

2) The Demons

a) What do these demons do?

i) Why do they do these awful things?

ii) How does this tell us exactly what the will of the devil is?

iii) Does the devil ever do anything good? Even if it looks good?

b) What do the demons know?

i) What do they know about Jesus compared to themselves?

(1) Does the devil want us to know this?

(2) Does this explain why the devil is called the Father of Lies?

ii) How does Jesus drive out the demons?

(1) What does this confess about Jesus?

(2) What does it confess about his word?

c) What does any of this mean for us?

i) Do you have power over the devil?

ii) But who does?

iii) When tormented by him, what ought you do?

d) Why do the people want Jesus to leave?

Closing Prayer: Luther’s Morning Prayer, pg. 327

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