Bible Study: "The Apostles"

Opening Hymn: LSB 819:1

Psalm 33:1-11

Creed (Back Cover)

Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

1) The Twelve Apostles

a) What does the text call these men?

i) What does that mean?

ii) What does that tell us about them?

b) What does Jesus give them?

i) How does he give this to them?

ii) How will they will exercise it?

c) Why not just list the guy’s names? Why the detail?

2) The Sending

a) What sets these 12 men apart from the many disciples?

i) How is that reflected in what we call them?

ii) What are we? Disciples or apostles?

b) To whom are they sent? Why?

i) What are they supposed to say?

ii) What are they supposed to do?

iii) How does this sending differ from a regular job?

c) What determines if they serve a specific house or not?

i) Does this seem fair?

(1) Why is it this way?

(2) What will happen to those who reject them?

ii) Is this how we are to care for those around us?

3) The Warning