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Bible Study: John and Jesus

Opening Hymn: LSB 730

Psalm 51:1-12

Creed (Back Cover)

Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

1) John the Baptist

a) Does John have faith in Jesus?

i) Then what’s going on here?

(1) How had John described Jesus?

(2) What does Jesus point to?

ii) After establishing who He is, what does Jesus say about John?

(1) What does John lack that those in heaven have?

(2) But how is John similar to the rest of the prophets in heaven?

b) This Generation

i) Why didn’t they like John?

ii) Why didn’t they like Jesus?

c) Woe!

i) How does Jesus now demonstrate that John was right in his proclamation of Jesu?

(1) What do these cities have the even Sodom didn’t?

(2) How does that leave them without excuse?

ii) Is it all woe?

(1) What does Jesus give to those who seek refuge in him?

(2) How does everyone receive Jesus?

Closing Prayer: Luther’s Morning Prayer, pg. 327

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