Bible Study: The Rock of the Church

Opening Hymn: LSB 557 Seek Where You May, To Find a Way

Psalm 2

Creed (Back Cover)

Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

1) The Signs of the Times

a) Why did the Pharisees and Sadducees come to Jesus?

i) What were they thinking about already?

ii) What have they missed?

b) What sign will they get?

i) What does “the sign of Jonah” mean? (Hint: Jesus explained this in Ch. 12)

ii) What does Jesus do at the end of the conversation?

c) What does leaven do?

i) How much does it take to work?

ii) What was the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees?

(1) How does this connect to the great feeding miracles?

(2) How does this connect to the church and her dealing with false teaching?

2) The Great Confession

a) Why does Jesus ask the question?

i) What does Peter say?

(1) Who gave him this great confession?

(a) Why must it be this way?

(b) What does Christ mean?

(2) Upon what will Christ build the church?

ii) What does Jesus give to the church?

(1) What do the keys do?