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Bible Study: "The Weight of Sin"

Opening Hymn: LSB 518 By All Your Saints in Warfare

Psalm 133

Creed (Back Cover)

Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

1) The Weight of Sin

a) Is this text only about causing children to sin?

i) How do we cause others to sin?

ii) What is suffering a terrible death better than?

(1) What’s the point of Jesus’ words?

(2) What’s the difference between earthly and eternal death?

b) Explain what Jesus means by saying that it’s “necessary” that temptations come

i) If it’s necessary, why the woe to those who cause it?

(1) Does God have any tolerance for sin?

(2) Should the children of God have any tolerance for it?

(a) How does Jesus make this point about our own body?

(b) Explain what He means when He tells us to cut off body parts

2) The Solution to our Problem of Sin

a) Explain the parable and what it has to do with the angels mentioned in v. 10

i) If the Lord has done such to save another, ought we be careful not to cause them to fall into sin?

ii) What should we do if we’re sinned against?

(1) Is this our natural inclination?

(2) Who is our example in this?

iii) What happens to those who refuse to repent?

b) What is Peter worried about?

i) Explain how the parable answers Peter’s question

(1) Who’s the king?

(2) Who are we?

ii) Can we ever forgive more than we’ve been forgiven?

Closing Prayer: Luther’s Morning Prayer, pg. 327

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