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Bible Study: The Entrance into Jerusalem

Opening Hymn: LSB 332 Savior of the Nations, Come

Psalm 24

Creed (Back Cover)

Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

1) The Triumphal Entry

a) What festival are Jesus and disciples preparing for?

i) What makes this year different?

(1) A donkey isn’t exactly stately. Is there a reason for this?

(2) How is Zechariah fulfilled?

ii) Who else is preparing for this festival?

(1) What makes this year different for them?

(2) How do they respond?

b) What do their words show about these pilgrims?

i) Where are they from?

ii) What does it tell us about the faith of those in the Old Testament?

c) How does the response of the pilgrims differ from that of those in Jerusalem?

i) What does it tell us about their faith?

ii) Are they still worried?

2) The Cleansing of the Temple

a) What was happening in the temple?

i) Is this a legitimate thing?

(1) Why was Jesus upset?

(a) Who was happy with Him flipping tables?

(b) What didn’t the chief priests and scribes understand?

Closing Prayer: Luther’s Morning Prayer, pg. 327

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