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Bible Study: The Promise

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Sunday Bible Class

July 23, 2017

The Book of Ruth: The Promise

Opening Hymn: LSB 562

Psalm 19

Creed (Back Cover)

Lord’s Prayer (Back Cover)

  1. The Plan

  2. What does Naomi desire for Ruth? Just for Ruth?

  3. How does Boaz fit the bill?

  4. What does the language of “Wash . . . anoint . . . put on cloak” sound like to you?

  5. Why would Ruth uncover Boaz’s feet?

  6. What would happen if someone came in early in the morning and they were both lying together asleep?

  7. What does “Spread young wings over your servant” mean?

  8. How does this help explain the vocation of husband?

  9. How is this like the work of our Redeemer, Christ?

  10. What, above all, does Boaz desire for Ruth and Naomi?

  11. What does he promise to Ruth?

  12. How does he protect her?

  13. The Redeemer

  14. What does a redeemer do?

  15. Helps you keep your inheritance

  16. The inheritance (land) is yours by right

  17. Pays the price you can’t pay so you can have what’s been promised to you

  18. How does this place a burden upon the redeemer? (Deut. 25:5-10)

  19. The first son born to the redeemed is reckoned as the son of the dead

  20. Meaning, he inherits the land and all that belongs to that family line.

  21. This system of redeeming property and families looks ahead to Christ

  22. Our True Redeemer, Jesus Christ Saves, restores, forgives, and gives life

  23. He pays the price for us to grant us the gift of our inheritance: eternal life

Closing Prayer: Luther’s Morning Prayer, pg. 327

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