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Bible Study: Romans 1

The Book of Romans

Chapter 1

21 January 2018

READ 1:16-20

  • What is the Gospel the POWER of?

  • How does it do this?

  • Is faith a work?

  • How then are we righteous?

  • What is else is revealed from Heaven from God?

  • How is it revealed?

  • What two things is the wrath of God against?

  • How is the wrath of God “plain” to us?

READ 1:21-25

  • How does one exchange the glory of God for the things of the earth?

  • What does it mean that God, “gave them up”?

  • What will be the end result of this?

  • How does God accomplish His will in this way?

READ 1:26-32

  • First God gave them up to their “lusts” now what does He give them up to?

  • How do their passions show their idolatry?

  • Was homosexuality a problem during Paul’s life?

  • What does this show us about our current problems?

  • What does God give them up to next?

  • How is this the culmination of their idolatry?

  • In vs. 32, how does Paul describe just how bad sin controls a person?

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