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Bible Study: Romans 2:12-29

The Book of Romans


5 February 2018

READ 2:12-16

  • On what basis will God judge?

  • How is this equalizing among men?

  • How is one righteous according to the law?

  • Is this any comfort to Jew or Gentile?

  • Can we hide anything from God?

READ 2:17-24

  • What do the Jews pride themselves on?

  • How does this act as a judge against them?

  • Are those who teach held to a higher standard?

  • How is, “The name of God blasphemed among the Gentiles because of [the Jews]?”

  • How can Christians today relate to this?

READ 2:25-29

  • What was the point of circumcision?

  • How can it become uncircumcision?

  • What is the equivalent for Christians?

  • What, ultimately is the mark of one who follows God?

  • For Jew? Gentile?

  • For the Christian?

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