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Bible Study: Romans 3:1-20

The Book of Romans


11 February 2018

READ 3:1-4

  • Why does Paul call into question the value of being a Jew?

  • How did Jews receive salvation?

  • How did some lose that gift?

  • Does this mean that God isn’t faithful?

  • How is God judged and justified?

READ 3:5-8

  • Why do humans sin?

  • What does this prove?

  • Does God want it this way, or does He need our sin to prove His righteousness?

  • What are people charging Paul and his followers with?

  • Does Paul totally discount their charge?

  • Why not?

READ 3:9-20

  • Who sins?

  • How do we know this?

  • Who is the law spoken to?

  • What is purpose of the law?

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