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Bible Study: Romans 3:21-31

The Book of Romans


18 February 2018

READ 3:21-22a

  • What makes someone righteous or unrighteous?

  • How is our unrighteousness revealed?

  • How if God’s righteousness revealed?

  • How is it received?

READ 3:22b-25a

  • Everyone is the same as it relates to unrighteousness, what about righteousness?

  • What does the word “redemption” mean?

  • What are we redeemed from?

  • How are we redeemed?

  • What is a propitiation?

READ 3:25b-26

  • How has God “passed over former sins?”

  • When did that stop? How?

  • How is God’s righteousness shown in Christ?

  • Is this truly “apart from the law?”

  • What motivated Christ to suffer and die for us?

READ 3:27-31

  • Why can’t man boast?

  • What’s the “law of faith?”

  • How does faith uphold the law?

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