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Bible Study: Romans 4:13-25

The Book of Romans


4 March 2018

READ 4:13-15

  • Upon whom did the promise given to Abraham depend?

  • Is that the law or the gospel?

  • Why does Paul say that this matters?

  • What happens to the faith if we only get what we deserve?

  • What does the law bring?

READ 4:16-18

  • Who are the offspring of Abraham?

  • Who is able to have faith?

  • Why is this so comforting?

  • What does, “In hope, he believed against hope” mean?

READ 4:19-21

  • Just how impossible was the promise God made to Abraham?

  • How did this fact strengthen Abraham’s faith?

  • How can we relate to this?

READ 4:22-25

  • Did Abraham ever doubt?

  • What do you imagine he relied on in those moments?

  • What promises has God made to you?

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