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Bible Class: Romans 5:12-21

The Book of Romans


18 March 2018

READ 5:12-14

  • Listen to vs. 6-11 again. To whom are they addressed?

  • How does this differ from vs. 12-14? How is it the same?

  • What point is Paul trying to make?

  • Has anyone escaped death? Why?

  • Why was there no law between Adam and Moses? Was there sin?

READ 5:15-17

  • What is the difference between the “free gift” and the, “trespass?”

  • How are Adam and Jesus similar? Different?

READ 5:18-21

  • Do all people die through Adam? Then why don’t all receive life through Christ?

  • How does the law increase the trespass?

  • What else abounded?

  • How does this work?

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