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Bible Study: Romans 7:1-12

The Book of Romans


29 April 2018

READ 7:1-3

  • Why does Paul use the language of, “brothers?”

  • Is Paul talking about law in general, or specifically the Law of God?

  • What, then, is his broader point about when the law stops being binding?

  • Does the person become free of the law by any effort of their own? Any overthrowing of the law? Revoking of the law? Etc.?

READ 7:4-6

  • Whose death sets you free from the law? Does He stay dead?

  • What is the purpose of our death to the law? Could we not do good works under the law?

  • What kind of fruit does the law actually bring forth from our flesh?

  • Are the Spirit and the written code always at odds?

READ 7:7-12

  • Is the law sinful? Does it produce sin? Cause a man to sin?

  • What then, does the law do to the sinner?

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