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Bible Study: Romans 7:13-25

The Book of Romans


6 May 2018

READ 7:13-15

  • The law is good, but what does is make Paul realize is bad?

  • What does this drive us to do? What do we seek from God?

  • What tense is used in v. 14 and following? Why is this significant?

  • How does Paul make this point when he mentions his flesh?

  • In v. 15 Paul explains what it’s like to be forgiven Christian, still living in the flesh, how would you say the same thing?

READ 7:16-20

  • Even though his flesh desires to sin, how can Paul tell that he is a Christian?

  • If you desire to sin, feel no sorrow over your sins, and don’t want to stop, are you a forgiven Christian?

  • How does Paul make this same point? Who does he say, does the evil things?

  • Is this just an excuse?

READ 7:21-25

  • How does Paul describe the relationship between his sinful flesh and the law of God?

  • When does this war come to an end?

  • Who has already won and gives us the victory?

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