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Bible Study: Romans 8:1-17

The Book of Romans


13 May 2018

READ 8:1-4

  • How is the law weakened by the flesh?

  • What, therefore can it not do?

  • What did Christ do to sin and death, and therefore the law?

  • Did Jesus sin? What word tells us the answer?

  • For whom is the law fulfilled?

READ 8:5-8

  • What is the difference between the flesh and the Spirit?

  • Why is the flesh hostile to God, and cannot please him?

READ 8:9-11

  • How do we know that the Spirit of God dwells in us?

  • Having the Spirit, what do we have that is life for us?

  • Who raised Jesus from the dead?

  • How does He raise us from the dead?

READ 8:12-17

  • Paul brings back the debtor/slave language he used before. What makes this time different?

  • What do we have claim of if we’re the children of God?

  • To whom do we look to see our inheritance?

  • What must we do to be glorified with Him?

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