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Bible Study: Romans 8:26-39

The Book of Romans


3 June 2018

READ 8:26-30

  • What does the Holy Spirit do for us, and why is this so important?

  • According to what does He intercede for us?

  • What is the purpose of God?

  • How does He accomplish that?

  • For whom did Jesus suffer and die?

  • Did He know that some would reject Him?

  • What does it mean, then, to be predestined?

READ 8:31-36

  • Does the Christian have anything to fear in the battle against sin, death, and the Devil?

  • Why not? What did God do that gives us the victory?

  • What becomes of our sin? Death?

  • Can anything or anyone take salvation away from us?

READ 8:37-39

  • How can you be “more than conquerors?”

  • How do Paul’s words bring us comfort when it appears like sin, death, and devil have us defeated?

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