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Bible Study: Romans 10:1-13

The Book of Romans


15 July 2018

READ 10:1-4

  • Who is the “them” of verse 1?

  • What is the chief problem among the Israelites?

  • Is this a problem of their day only, or do we see the same in ourselves?

  • What do the Israelites lack?

  • How is Christ, “the end of the law?”

  • For whom is Christ “the end of the law?”

READ 10:5-8

  • What does the law tell us about how to obtain eternal life?

  • Where does a righteousness based on faith look for life?

  • Is this near us or far off?

  • Where is this word for the Christian? How did they get it?

READ 10:9-13

  • What one thing must a person have to be saved?

  • What two ways is this expressed? Can these ever be separated?

  • To whom is this salvation available?

  • Are there any other gods that save?

  • Where else have we heard vs. 13? What is the significance in this?

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