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Bible Study: Romans 10:14-21

The Book of Romans


22 July 2018

READ 10:14-15

  • What has to happen before someone can call upon the name of the Lord and be saved?

  • How has God sought to provide this?

  • What is your responsibility toward the preaching and sending?

  • What makes the feet of preachers so beautiful?

READ 10:16-17

  • Why doesn’t everyone who hears the word believe it?

  • Does this change the promise of God attached to His word?

  • Could God force you to believe?

  • Why doesn’t he?

READ 10:18-21

  • What about the Jews? Why did so many of them reject Jesus?

  • How is this contrasted by what happened with the Gentiles?

  • Are the Jews a special situation or are they indicative of something?

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