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Bible Class: Romans 11:1-24

The Book of Romans


29 July 2018

READ 11:1-6

  • Who is St. Paul referring to when he says, “Has God rejected His people?”

  • What is the difference the nation of Israel and the true or “Spiritual Israel?”

  • Who is part of the true Israel and how does God make them His people?

READ 11:7-10

  • How and why were so many people of Israel “hardened.”

  • Is this a threat to us or rather a warning?

  • How does this hardening actually work in life?

READ 11:11—16

  • Do we count it as a good thing that Israel rejected God?

  • However, what good did God bring about through it?

  • How did He do it?

READ 11:17-24

  • How should the Gentiles regard the Jews?

  • How should all believers regard unbelievers?

  • Who are the roots of which Paul speaks?

  • Is there still hope for the branches?

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