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Bible Study: Romans 12:1-21

The Book of Romans


12 August 2018

READ 12:1-2

  • What does the word, “therefore” alert us to in regards to rest of the book?

  • By what does Paul appeal to us, and why does this matter?

  • Will striving to be obedient to God and His will save us?

  • Why then should we do it?

  • What point is Paul making about us and our whole being, even our bodies?

  • What effects does conversion have upon the Christian?

READ 12:3-8

  • What point is Paul making about the relationship between the different parts of the church?

  • Is everyone in the church the same? Do they have the same gifts? The same roles? Is this good?

READ 12:9-21

  • What must shape the relationship between all Christians?

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