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Bible Study: Romans 13:1-14

The Book of Romans


26 August 2018

READ 13:1-7

  • What is the chief purpose of those in authority?

  • What do they use to accomplish this purpose?

  • What do we owe them?

  • How can it be that our corrupt and sinful earthly authorities have been instituted by God?

  • What is the first, and chief estate on earth?

  • How does the government’s authority flow from that?

READ 13:8-10

  • How do Paul’s words relate to our sermon text (the Good Samaritan)?

  • How do we know that you love your neighbor?

  • Who fulfilled the law with His love?

READ 13:11-14

  • Why does Paul have a sense of urgency?

  • What are the “works of darkness,” the, “armor of light?”

  • What is your relationship to your sinful flesh?

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