Bible Study: Romans 14:1-23

The Book of Romans


2 September 2018

READ 14:1-4

  • What distinction does Paul make between Christians? What are the differences? Ultimately, though, does the distinction effect salvation?

  • How should the strong regard the weak?

READ 14:5-9

  • What should determine whether you eat/abstain, observe/abstain?

  • What has Christ done for all?

READ 14:10-12

  • Who is the judge of the living and the dead? Does this prohibit a Christian from calling something sinful and warning against it?

READ 14:13-19

  • Is there ever a problem with exercising Christian liberty?

  • What determines your salvation?

  • What is the goal in our relationships with other Christians?

READ 14:20-23

  • V. 23 summarizes the whole chapter. What does Paul point to as the starting point for all behaviors? What is the alternative?