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Bible Study: Romans 15:14-33

The Book of Romans


16 September 2018

READ 15:14-21

  • How does Paul generally feel about the saints in Rome?

  • Why, then, did he feel compelled to write to them?

  • How does Paul seek to bring about the faith of the Gentiles?

  • Where has Paul been working?

  • Where does he seek to go? Why?

READ 15:22-29

  • What is Paul’s plan for a future visit to Rome?

  • What must he do first?

  • Why is this offering such a big deal?

  • Does Paul make it to Rome? Spain?

READ 15:30-33

  • Above all, what does Paul desire from the Romans?

  • What, exactly, should they pray for?

  • How does Paul end this section?

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