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Bible Study: Romans 16:1-27

The Book of Romans


23 September 2018

READ 16:1-16

  • Who does Paul list first and what was her role in the church?

  • What does she have to do with this letter that he is writing?

  • Why would Paul list so many people (26) in the church to give greetings to?

  • How does he list them?

READ 16:17-20

  • What does Paul warn will cause divisions and create obstacles?

  • What should the faithful Christian do in regards to this?

  • Who does these people truly serve? How do we know?

  • What does it mean to be “innocent as to what is evil?”

  • What is the promise that Paul makes here? How does this relate to the divisions he mentions earlier?

READ 16:21-27

  • Who wrote this letter? What exactly does that mean?

  • Who is able to strengthen us? How does He do it?

  • Why does Paul say Gospel was kept secret for so long?

  • What has changed? Why?

  • Paul’s last words show why he preaches the Gospel. Explain.

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