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Bible Study: Daniel 1

The Book of Daniel

Chapter 1

7 October 2018

READ 1:1-7

  • Who secured the victory over Jerusalem for Babylon?

  • Why did God do this and why does this matter?

  • Why does Nebuchadnezzar take the valuable things and people from Judah?

  • What does he do with the youths? Why?

READ 1:8-16

  • What does Daniel resolve? What would most people be thinking in a time like this?

  • What does God do for Daniel?

  • What are the results of the test? To whom should we attribute this? What does it prove?

READ 1:17-21

  • What does God grant to the youths from Judah? Why does He do this?

  • What is the end result?

  • How do we see that, “God works all things for the good of those who love Him?”

  • Is it simply about preserving us in our flesh? Is it even about us?

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