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Bible Study: Daniel 2

The Book of Daniel

Chapter 2

14 October 2018

READ 2:1-11

  • What is revealed about Nebuchadnezzar’s faith?

  • Why would he be so firm and unrelenting regarding the interpretation?

  • What do the interpreters finally admit?

READ 2:12-23

  • How does Daniel respond to the King’s command?

  • Is he confident in his abilities to interpret dreams, or in something else?

  • What is Daniel’s plan regarding the dream?

  • When the dream and it’s interpretation are revealed to Daniel how does he respond?

READ 2:24-30

  • When Daniel is before the king, what does he confess?

  • Why would Nebuchadnezzar actually respect this response?

  • What does Daniel say his relation to God is?

READ 2:31-45

  • What did the king see? What happened to it?

  • What does it mean?

  • Who is the one doing the destruction?

  • What does all of this say to the King?

READ 2:46-49

  • How does Nebuchadnezzar treat Daniel?

  • What post is Daniel given? Why?

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