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Bible Study: Daniel 3

The Book of Daniel

Chapter 3

21 October 2018

READ 3:1-7

  • What commandment was Nebuchadnezzar breaking? Why?

  • How did all of the king’s officials respond to his commands?

  • Compare what the king commands the people to do before the idol to what the king did before Daniel? What does this tell us about his faith?

READ 3:7-12

  • What motivated the Chaldeans to treat the Jews this way?

  • How do they bring the charges?

  • Are all of the charges true?

READ 3:13-18

  • Nebuchadnezzar gives the three young men another chance to obey, what do they do?

  • How do they characterize God over and against the powers of the word?

  • What if God doesn’t deliver?

READ 3:19-30

  • What does Nebuchadnezzar see in the fire?

  • Who is this who saves the young men?

  • When the king calls to the men, how does he describe God?

  • What then does Nebuchadnezzar declare?

  • What does he do the men?

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