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Bible Study: Daniel 4

The Book of Daniel

Chapter 4

28 October 2018

READ 4:1-9

  • Who does Nebuchadnezzar address this letter to? What does this tell us about how he sees himself?

  • How are the circumstances of this dream like the first? How are the different?

  • How does the king refer to the power of Daniel?

READ 4:10-18

  • What does Nebuchadnezzar see in his dream?

  • Where does the “watcher” come from and what does he proclaim?

  • What is point of the proclamation?

READ 4:19-27

  • When God gives Daniel the interpretation, how does he respond?

  • What positive thing does the dream tell us about the rulers of the earth?

  • What will happen to the King? What does Daniel tell him to do in response?

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