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Bible Study: Daniel 5

The Book of Daniel

Chapter 5

18 November 2018

READ 5:1-4

  • Who is now listed as king of Babylon? Is he really the son of Nebuchadnezzar?

  • What does he do with the vessels from the temple in Jerusalem? What is Belshazzar’s posture toward the One True God?

READ 5:5-16

  • How is Belshazzar’s response to the writing on the wall similar to Nebuchadnezzar’s response to the dreams he had.

  • The queen tells the king to calm down. Why?

  • What do the queen and king say about Daniel?

  • How does this point to Daniel’s value to the various kings?

  • What does the king offer to Daniel in exchange for his interpretation?

READ 5:17-23

  • How does Daniel characterize Nebuchadnezzar?

  • What did God to Nebuchadnezzar that He hasn’t yet done to Belshazzar?

  • Why will God now humble the king?

READ 5:24-30

  • The exact translations of the three words isn’t exact, but how does Daniel interpret them?

  • Who are the Medes and Persians?

  • How is Belshazzar humbled by God? What should every person, ruler, and kingdom learn about their power from this incident?

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