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Bible Study: Daniel 6

The Book of Daniel

Chapter 6

9 December 2018

READ 6:1-5

  • Who is the new king of Babylon? How did he get the position?

  • What was Daniel’s role in the kingdom? What was the purpose of the role?

  • How did he get that position? How did that sit with the others?

  • Who do you imagine made up all the satraps, prefects, etc.?

  • Why would that explain the continued animosity toward Daniel?

  • What did they see as their opportunity to convict him?

READ 6:6-15

  • What did the presidents and satraps employ to gain the kings favor?

  • In the same vein, why would Darius be so eager to sign the document?

  • What was Daniel’s response to this new law?

  • Why does Darius seem intent on enforcing the law so strictly?

  • Is he still so eager when he finds out that it’s Daniel who will be killed?

READ 6:16-24

  • What was Darius’s hope for Daniel? How did he show this?

  • When Daniel comes out alive, what seems to characterize the exchange between Darius and Daniel?

  • Why does Darius punish the satraps and presidents so fiercely?

READ 6:25-28

  • To whom does Darius write and what does he say?

  • Who is Cyrus the Persian?

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