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Bible Study: Daniel Chapter 9

The Book of Daniel

Chapter 9

13 January 2019

READ 9:1-6

  • How does Daniel know that the desolations of Jerusalem will end?

  • What book is he reading when he perceived how long it would be until their end?

  • What is Daniel’s response to his discovery?

  • Who does he make confession for? What does he make confession for?

READ 9:7-15

  • What do the people of God deserve because of their sin?

  • What does Daniel say in verse 9 belongs to God? Why?

  • What other name does Daniel call the law of God?

  • In spite of all the calamity heaped upon Jerusalem, what have they refused to do?

READ 9:16-23

  • What does Daniel ask God for?

  • Why does Daniel say God should listen to his prayer?

  • In verse 19 what things does Daniel say God should do?

READ 9:24-27

  • Who will bring about “everlasting righteousness?”

  • How does this “seal” the prophecies and visions from God?

  • How long will it be from the time of this vision until the coming of the Anointed One?

  • But what will happen after 62 weeks?

  • What event is this?

  • Who will destroy the city and it’s sanctuary?

  • What is the final amount of time? What two things happen then?

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